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Today’s Portable Power Banks

You checked everything off your list twice. You’re mentally going over everything you packed. Time to take some much-needed vacation and relax! You’re getting ready to go to sleep and you go to plug in your phone and tablet to your charger just to realize you left the charger at home! Like myself, you probably […]


Recover Your Lost Data from Android Phone

They have the potential to fail just like any other machine. Most people don’t go anywhere without their cell phone; which makes them easy targets for thieves or to get lost or broken. If you prefer Android then the option of the iCloud is not available. But don’t fear, because there are plenty of other […]

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What is Anti-Virus Software?

In today’s very open and populated computer world, you are taking a huge risk in opting to operate your computer without antivirus software. Its presence is such a surety against the many dangerous attacks in the techno world, that it is not at all an overstatement to say that it is the most important piece […]