6 Unique Sites for Finding and Sharing Free Recipes

With more and more people saving money by cooking at home, it becomes important to have access to great recipes. There are thousands of recipes on the internet you just need to know where to look. To save time, and frustration, here is a list of some of the best sites for free recipes.


Because it is listed first on a google search many people are familiar with it. They keep going back because it is a great site. You can browse by ingredient search box,(What can I do with all this zucchini?), or by category. They have recipes for special diets, such as diabetes or gluten intolerance, all rated. You can become a member for free and receive the newsletter, submit recipes, and rate or give feedback on a recipe. The site has photos of almost every recipe so you can see how it should look.


Overall, this site is very well organized. You can get to the recipes by clicking the “Recipes & More” tab. You can also use the search box, and the advanced search box to help you narrow down your search by course, cooking method, or evening by seasoning. There are good descriptions of the recipes, plus lots of photos. The only draw back is it is sponsored by Kraft foods and they insert their products in many of the recipes. You can, of course, ignore that and use a different brand.


This site has thousands of recipes easily located by typing a keyword into the search box. It doesn’t have many photos, but is organized and easy to use. Its best feature is you can easily e-mail recipes to yourself to download into a file for later.


This site is mostly for that individual looking for something not only delicious, but also nutritious. With a large section of recipes considered to be more nutritious than average. All their recipes have a nutrition analysis to help you decide beforehand if they meet your needs. You can find recipes by ingredient, or by category (Need a vegan main dish for cousin Susan?). It lacks photos, but has enough good information to make up for it.


This neatly organized site will help you find new recipes for any situations. While it does not have a search box, recipes are in categories that make the search easy. More like a cook book than some other sites you merely need click a category and it will lead you to the recipes. Keep clicking till you find exactly the recipe you are looking for. It lacks photos but the ease of use makes up for it.


Searching through thousands of recipes will be easy with their user-friendly search box. Even grandma can find her way around to something new and tasty. While there are few photos it has some helpful features. Each recipe lists the total number of ingredients, preparation time including cooking or baking time. All recipes are rated to help you decide which to try first.