Recover Your Lost Data from Android Phone

They have the potential to fail just like any other machine. Most people don’t go anywhere without their cell phone; which makes them easy targets for thieves or to get lost or broken. If you prefer Android then the option of the iCloud is not available. But don’t fear, because there are plenty of other Android Recovery Programs available to back up your information. With all of your contacts, photos and information backed up, losing your phone won’t be the worst possible thing that could happen! You can always retrieve your information.

Phones may need backed up for many different reasons. Do you have any photos that you would be devastated to lose? Or how about some sweet text messages or information that you need for work? If you lose your phone or if your phone crashes, you could lose all of that forever. What if you accidentally delete a photo you didn’t want to. Or if your SD card crashes or gets corrupted by a virus. Then purchasing a backup program could help save you from the stress of this occurring.

Did you know that on your android if you accidentally put the wrong password in too many times, it could lock you out? Don’t let that happen to you. If that does, use your backup program to get back into your phone. People steal and resell cell phones every day. If your phone gets stolen you will lose everything. But with a backup program anything on your cell phone will be available on your computer that is safe at home. Occassionally during phone upgrades, everything on your cell phone can get lost. This could be catastrophic! Use a backup program so if that uncontrollable event happens you can have all of your information available.

When choosing an option be sure to look for a program that is very secure. You want to make sure that your information is not available to hackers or identity thefts. Make sure that you also look for supported file types that your computer supports as well.

There are plenty of options available; let these reviews help you make your decision.

Anroid Data Recovery Pro

One major benefit to Android Data Recovery Pro is that it has two different recovery mode options. You can either utilize corded recovery or wireless internet. This program can also recovery eight different file types! It is also available to be used with Windows PC or Mac. If your looking for an option with slightly less efficiency but has many different options then this is the option for you!


In this day in age, convenience and efficiency is always the best option. MobiSaver is the best, most efficient option. Once again, MobiSaver works with both Android and Mac computers. This program is also super easy and efficient to use. It only takes three simple steps to set up and use. And if you should need the information backed up in the program, it is just as easy to use.

Aiseesoft FoneLab for Android

This program is Free! It doesn’t get any better than free! This program is compatable with three different file types. Do you want to back up your photos as well as your text messages? This program can also back up any internal memory information. If your interested in a program that can assist you in rooting your phone, this is an option. However, only root your phone if you are a professional. It’s a relatively complicated process and makes your phone vulnerable to many viruses.

Dr. Fone Android

Do you need an option that is software that is super easy to navigate? Do you need an option that supports multiple different file types? Then Dr. Fone Android is the best option for you! Also, this option gives you the ability to utilize more than one programming. Use an android phone but an apple computer? Not a problem with Dr. Fone Anroid.

Remo Recovery

Remo recovery is the best option for people who like to stick with android and Microsoft. This program also only assists with recovering data files. This software is only available to work with Windows PC.