Smartphone Spyware can Steal WhatsApp Messages from Android

It’s getting late and you car is parked at the far end of a parking lot that is poorly lit. Do you decide not to go to your car? Do you run in a full blown panic to reach your car? Or do you become more aware of your surroundings and then merely walk quickly with a purposeful stride to get to your car?

Understanding and dealing with the Android malware Skygofree is basically the same as the above concept. A few preventive measures and then you can relax and go about your daily routine using your mobile device.

What Is Skygofree?

Skygofree is a highly advanced malware program that is not entirely autonomous. It is personalized to the end user, the person who sent it commonly referred to as the “operator,” and this operator has the ability to control it and issue commands. While various aspects of Skygofree will operate over a period of time without human supervision, the person monitoring its output can turn on and off certain functions enabling Skygofree to focus on the specific information that they want to steal from you.

What Does Skygofree Do?

  • It can steal WhatsApp messages accessing them, and gaining full access to the operating system of your Android mobile device, through a back door the original programmers of Skygofree found inside Android’s Accessibility Service.
  • It can automatically record people talking in certain locations that are chosen by the operator of this particular malware setup.
  • It can link an infiltrated device with a Wi-Fi network already controlled by the operator.
  • It also has a keystroke monitoring and the ability to record Skype chats.

What Do You Need to Do?

The primary defense against this ‘Scary’ malware, what you can do to neutralize this potential threat, is to consistently use the same preventive measures you are already using.

  1. Avoid opening attachments or clicking on download links that have even the smallest iota of suspicion.
  2. Install an antivirus software that you have researched and feel confident about, and set it for automatic updates.
  3. Worth repeating; despite the fact that this is an infiltration of an electronic device is technology; trust your gut instinct.

A Few Last Words of Advice

The world of cyber espionage, the audio and visual surveillance, location GPS tracking, text messages and emails that are never really erased, has always been on the doorstep of any device connected to the internet. Skygofree is just another piece of malware that you make an adjustment for, and then freely continue on your way.

Look, you operate a motor vehicle, right? That can be a dangerous activity but, you’re not afraid to get into your car and drive. You have in the back of your mind to be very careful and aware, however, once you start driving you’re relaxed and free from thinking about anything horrible happening to you and you enjoy the ride.