TeamViewer, a Free Remote Access Desktop Program

TeamViewer is probably one of the most popular and free remote access programs on the market. Compared to other similar products, TeamViewer has a lot of interesting features which are pretty easy to use and operate on almost any device. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Mac, Windows, a mobile device, or Linux, TeamViewer will install.

A few Things to Note about TeamViewer

  • You do not require configurations of a router to set up TeamViewer.
  • It is possible to remotely reboot your computer using TeamViewer on a safe mode and automatically reconnect it.
  • It is easy to update TeamViewer remote installation.
  • TeamViewer can run both on Linux, and Mac operating systems as well as Android, windows phone, Chrome OS, and iOS devices
  • TeamViewer allows sharing of your entire desktop of a single application window on your computer.
  • It is possible to record video files for your future reference with Teamviewer.
  • There is a whiteboard which allows you to either draw as well as highlight icons on the remote desktop screen.
  • It is easy to transfer Images, folders, screenshots, and files to and fro between computers by using Teamviewer’s file transfer feature, or the usual clipboard function.
  • TeamViewer can install in a range of windows including; XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, ten together with windows server 208, 2012, 2000 and 2003.
  • TeamViewer can easily be used as a portable application for easy access.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TeamViewer

There’s no doubt that TeamViewer has more pros than cons. That is why it has probably been embraced by millions of people globally.

Advantages of TeamViewer

  • It’s free of charge
  • You can print remotely
  • Port forwarding configurations are not necessary.
  • Quick and reliable support service
  • Able to initiate and attend online meetings
  • You can remotely control a computer via the desktop program or internet browser.
  • Can be used with several monitors.
  • You can chat through text, video, or even voice


The only disadvantage of Teamviewer is that you cannot use it free of charge in a commercial environment.

How Does TeamViewer Work?

TeamViewer has several download options which you can use to connect remotely; nonetheless, all of them work almost similarly. Your needs will determine which download option you will opt for.

Every TeamViewer installation generates a nine digit ID code which is unique to that specific computer, and doesn’t change even if you update your TeamViewer App. After receiving the Id code, you will then send it to the other Teamviewer user to connect to your computer.

TeamViewer’s full version is known as All-In-One, and is probably one program you can’t do without especially if you are that person that requires constant remote access to your other computer(s). The best way to keep track of all your remote computers is to log into your TeamViewer All-In-One account.

For immediate support, you can use the QuickSupport program of TeamViewer. This is kind of a portable version which you can quickly run and get the ID number, and then share it. In case you are assisting a family member, or friend, TeamViewr’s QuickSupport program will probably be the best alternative. When they launch the application, they will receive both an ID number plus password which they will share and connect with you.

In situations where you want to remotely connect to your unattended computer maybe at home or office, you can come up with one master password which you will often be using and doesn’t necessarily need to be changed.

Analysis and Views on TeamViewer

Teamviewer is one of the best desktop software currently in the market. Its features are very easy to navigate, and use. Also, the QuickSupport version is so simple to use especially when you are remotely helping other people. The other major advantage with Teamviewer is that it doesn’t need port forwarding changes since no one wants to go through the hassle of configuring settings to connect to the other computer. Also, if you want to access your own remote computers, TeamViewer has made it very easy.

The only thing you probably won’t like so much about TeamViewer is its version of the browser. However, there are still options for that, such as the desktop version.