The Video Game Console You Should Get

An overview of this console generation

If you’re a gamer who been familiar with the industry for a significant portion of your life, you know that there are a lot of options. Today There are three game consoles for the average gamer to choose from. Nintendo with the Switch, Microsoft with the Xbox One, and Sony with the PS4.

All of these consoles range from different prices and can offer different experiences to people. There is also a PC option if you wish to play games at their highest level, though this option tends to be more expensive every console has it pros and cons that should be considered.

What the Xbox One offers

The Xbox received a lot of criticism at launch for not focusing on making games for consumers to play. It instead marketed itself as a entertainment system that was going to let you watch entertainment. At launch it came with a camera called the Kinect.

Of course you have your classic franchises like Gears of War and Halo but now there are different exclusives. Killer Instinct is an Xbox exclusive and gives fighting game fans a great reason to purchase the Xbox One. Last year, Microsoft released the One X model, making it the most powerful console ever.

What the the Playstation 4 offers

The Playstation 4 has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Despite this, Sony’s offers you first party titles for the most part have been glorified tech demos. Games like Knack and Killzone have failed to provide gamers with a satisfying experience.

There are a lot of great third-party exclusives. Games like Bloodborne and Nioh have given the platform hidden gems that everyone can enjoy. With the new PS4 pro, players can experience games with better optimization. Many games will run at 60 fps as well as support in-game graphic options for your preferences.

What the Nintendo Switch offers

The Nintendo Switch is currently the newest console. It sets itself up as a console you can use at home, then use as a tablet you can take on the go. At launch, there were not many launch titles. The go to game was the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

But now there are more exclusives like Super Mario Odyssey. The great thing now is that many Wii U exclusives are now coming to the Switch. Highly sought after games like Bayonetta 2 will be available to more people. The console also allows you to take parts of the controller off to play with friends.

Each of the consoles aren’t perfect. The PS4 and Xbox One currently require a membership to access online features of games. The Xbox One X is also $500 retail price, the most expensive console compared their competitors.

The verdict

The PS4’s controllers tend to have a weaker battery life compared to the PS3’s controller because the lights take up so much power. The Switch has to make games run worse due to the fact that it has to pack all of its hardware into a small tablet. Instead of your usual 60 frames per second, you will get your games at 30 frames per second.

I know that each console has their own appeal. The Xbox One markets itself on all-around entertainment. Its not just games that you can use. You can start a game, watch a YouTube video and then go back to the to the exact moment in your game. The PS4 offers the most standardized experience.

If you’ve enjoyed your console gaming experiences for the past two generations then you will enjoy the PS4. The Switch is for people who are constantly on the go. If you have a long commute your you travel a lot you will enjoy the Nintendo Switch.