Today’s Portable Power Banks

You checked everything off your list twice. You’re mentally going over everything you packed. Time to take some much-needed vacation and relax!

You’re getting ready to go to sleep and you go to plug in your phone and tablet to your charger just to realize you left the charger at home! Like myself, you probably have made this mistake. Before you can even get to a store, your phone has died!

Features To Consider

Chargers for your wireless devices come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, like myself, you probably do not want a bulky charger. However, size dedicates the capacity of the charger. For a general guideline, the smaller the portable battery charger, the less battery capacity you will have.
Battery Packs

Need a power pack just for emergencies? A portable battery charger that carries a rating of at least 5,000 mAh will work fine for you. Need a power pack that you might be using several times during the day? Look for a power bank with a rating of 10.000 mAh or above. Of course, how you will be using your phone or wireless device can decrease the time before you have to charge the power pack.

How Many USB Ports Will You Need?

Of course, you will need to determine how many USB ports you will need on your charger. I have found having a charger will three USB ports work great. I can charge my smartphone, my tablet, and business cell phone at one time and they are all ready to use the next day.

All USB Ports Are Not The Same

In older flip-type phones an O.5A USB port is used. However, today’s smartphones will need a 1.0 A USB port for compatible charging.

When looking for a unit with multi USB ports, you should be aware of what type of devices you will be charging.

A few months ago, I purchased an inexpensive battery charger with three USB ports. I thought this is great! What I did not realize is the USB ports amperage was too low to provide sufficient charging to my devices.

A few hours later I noticed the power indicator was off and the charger felt hot. Because of not having the correct amperage USB ports, I overloaded the charger and it died!

Case in point, make sure that your USB port battery charger has ports that are compatible with the devices you are charging.

To put it in simple terms, not all USB ports will safely charge all your wireless devices. Another word, the “one type fits all theory does not work” when it comes to what type of USB port you will need to charge your wireless device!

It Does Not Matter What Your Battery Pack Casing Is Made Of?

What your battery casing is made of does not matter. Right? Wrong! If you are using your external battery outdoors, be sure it is manufactured of sturdy materials. I, myself, prefer a metal casing. If a metal casing is not your thing, some power packs have a silicone casing for protection.

What Type Power Pack Works Bests For You

Sometimes I find I just have to much to lug around! Keys, wallet, smartphone, phablets, and tablets, just to name a few. At the same time on a day away from home, I am constantly draining my battery down since I used my smartphone for texts, emails, and calls. Before I can even realize it, my smartphone’s battery is depleted.

I did not know this until recently but there is an external power pack for your smartphone that can easily fit in your wallet or purse. Recently, I just checked out the Slimger portable battery charger on the web. This power pack only weighs 2 ounces and can conveniently fit in your wallet or purse. A cable that is designed in the Slimger portable battery charger for the user’s convenience.

All The Juice You Need For Your Multiple Devices

When on one of my camping trips, my smartphone is needed as much as at home. Also, I usually have my laptop or tablet with me on these extended excursions. For these days away from home, I need a high-powered external battery pack that can charge my laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

When away from home power resources, the Maxoak Ultra High Capacity external battery pack offered an astounding amount of power with the capability to charge your laptop, phone, and tablet.

Another excellent charging companion when enjoying your favorite outdoor activity is the Kodiac 6000 by Outdoor Trials. For waterproofing, the Kodiac 6000 features a tough silicone exterior.

Couples loving to take hiking excursions together will love Easy Acc Power Bank PB9000TP with its convenient attachment to secure your power bank to your backpack.

Features On Today’s Portable Chargers

Braven BRV-Bank

I have never realized how depended I am wireless devices until one day when power was out for almost a day and a half. No WiFi, no Bluetooth, and no way to charge my phone, tablet, or laptop. I felt like I had lost all contact with civilization!

This a few years back before the advent of the Braven BRV-Bank. The Braven is water and dust resistant, and shockproof. With Bluetooth capability, you the Braven app will show you the latest status on the battery’s charge. Also, this mobile battery pack is also build to be used outdoors.

Junojumper Pro

Now if you want a really versatile portable battery pack, look no further than the Junojumper Pro. This power source can deliver mobile power to jump-start your car, charge your electronics, and plug in your laptops or small kitchen appliances for a power source.

Mobile power can be delivered in forms of 5 volt, 12, and 19-volt configurations. Oh, I almost forgot, this portable power pack has a LED flashlight build in!

Hyper Pearl Compact Portable Power Source For Females

Does that special someone in your life like really unique gifts? A gift she will show off to all her friends? This is a circular compact that looks like an expensive makeup compact. Finished in silver, gold, or red glossy metallic exterior finish, this is an exquisite option for I Phone users.

This battery pack has LED lighting and the compact ‘s mirror offers up to 10X magnification to check on your makeup. Using an iPhone 6 as an example, the battery pack will charge this drained smartphone in about 2 hours.

Included with the Pearl compact charger, is a multi-head USB charging cable, and a microfiber drawstring carrying case.

Winbest Portable USB Charger with Flashlight

This portable battery pack the guys will love. With a functional LED flashlight, this portable battery pack measures only 4.5 inches long, and can easily fit in your pocket. The LED flashlight attachment puts out a brilliant 75 lumen.

Included with this portable battery pack are six adaptor connectors and a carry pouch. With the six adaptor connectors, iPhones, Android smartphones, and other major brands devices are compatible with this portable battery pack.

Juice Packs And Smartphone Cases Combined

Looking for an additional power pack that doubles as your smartphone protective case. Look no further than Mophie’s Juice Packs. Available for most major smartphone brands, they also double as a smart-looking smartphone case. If you are looking for an extra power boost during the day for your smartphone, you can average over 14 hours of extra talk time.

Build just like a rugged smartphone case, the case has rubber supports within a hard shell case. The Morphie Juice Pack/Smartphone case does not have to be removed to charge your phone.

With Morphie’s charging technology, your phone battery is charged first and then the juice pack is recharged. Offering full protection of my smartphone, and an additional boost of talk time to my phone gives me the best of both worlds. Personally, the Morphie Juice Packs are one of my favorites of all the portable battery power packs.

Solar Phone Chargers

No power at all but you have available sunlight? I live in a rural area and when power sometimes goes out during the day, I have zero backup power resources.

To add more problems, I live in an area that at home I have to depend on WiFi calling. If the power is out, my WiFI router is out. However, I can go outside and use my phone with a cell tower signal. That’s fine, except sometimes power can be down for hours and if my battery is low right before the power goes out, I have no way to recharge my phone.

With a solar portable power pack, I can have a way to charge my phone until the power comes back on. Comparatively, they are priced about the price of a good phone charger.

Solar portable power banks are designed to recharge by sunlight, and also by wall outlet or car charger.

Novelty Portable Battery Chargers

People today like to personalize their gadgets. Do you like sports cars? You can buy a portable battery charger and wish it was the real sports car! Just kidding! However, you can buy a portable battery charger disguised as a new Camaro. If that’s not your thing, you can buy a Darth Vadar portable battery charger. You get the idea!

Today, there are numerous choices and types of portable battery packs for your wired and wireless devices. Have fun shopping!

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