Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Signal

How to Tremendously Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

We all know how annoying it is to have a weak Wi-Fi signal. It does not matter if you are just trying to listen to music or you are trying to watch a movie, your Wi-Fi is a big part of your experience as a user and it can make your life very miserable sometimes. If you want to know what weakens your signal and how to tremendously improve it, then keep reading.

Change the Channel

Routers operate on different channels within the same band. Imagine all your neighbors using the same channel as you. It overloads the channel and it strongly interferes with your Wi-Fi signal. To improve your signal you can search Google for Wi-Fi analysis tools to help you figure out which channels are overloaded by your neighbors. Then you can easily set your router to a different channel and enjoy a clearer signal and a stronger Wi-Fi connection.

Update the Firmware

An updated Firmware usually fixes a lot of bugs that cause serious connectivity issues. That’s why it is a good idea to check your router manufacturer’s page for firmware updates. Sometimes there is a direct update for your router from its browser based configuration page, other times they require you to download updates and upload them to your router manually through your computer. It is not as hard as it sounds and you definitely should try it before trying the other solutions that require spending extra money.

If that did not solve your connectivity problems then it’s a good idea to check the firmware on your computer. Your computer has a wireless adapter that can cause problems if it’s not updated. By updating it you can resolve your connectivity problem or at least make sure that it was not the cause of your connectivity issues.

Relocating the Router

Sometimes it’s hard to believe but the easiest solution is the right one. If your router is somewhere in a distant corner of your house then it’s no wonder that your signal is weak. It just can’t reach every room of your house so when it reaches your devices the signal is really weak because it had to travel that far. Find a centralize location for your router and you will have a better signal throughout your house.

Upgrade the Antennas

There is a trick that can only work with routers that come with external antennas so disregard this if it’s not your case. You can replace your removeable antenna with a more powerful one. It can send a more powerful signal further in your house and that will allow your Wi-Fi reach every distant room in your house. It is as easy as it sounds!

Purchase a New Router

If all those other tips didn’t boost your Wi-Fi signal the way you wanted then consider buying a new router. New premium wireless routers are designed with a new technology called beamforming. This technology is delivering high speed that is focused on connected devices instead of broadcasting uniformly in all directions. The signal is focusing only in your devices and that grands you the most enjoyable experience.

With all those factors it is hard to maintain a clear and strong Wi-Fi signal. It is preferable to avoid spending extra money on a new router but if you cannot improve your Wi-Fi signal with a channel change, updating your firmware, relocating your router or upgrading your antenna then you will have to splurge on a new premium wireless router because seems like it is a great investment that can solve all your problems at once.

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