What is Anti-Virus Software?

In today’s very open and populated computer world, you are taking a huge risk in opting to operate your computer without antivirus software. Its presence is such a surety against the many dangerous attacks in the techno world, that it is not at all an overstatement to say that it is the most important piece of computer equipment you will own.

The Guardian of the Computer World

Most of us know about the evil little guy known as the computer. Most of us also know about the helpful antivirus program. However, many wrongly underestimate how important it is to have antivirus up and running. The antivirus detects and removes malware, trojans, adware, and worms. There are a variety of all of these and they are all your worst nightmare. They are probably even worse than that! Virus technology is so advanced and so popular these day to constitute a very serious threat to computer users. Fortunately, antivirus technology has kept pace and is more than up for the task of removing any type of virus out there.

The Sworn Duty of this Guardian

This antivirus software is designed to automatically check every Word document, ZIP file, spreadsheet or EXE file you download for any harmful viruses. If it does find some form of harmful virus, it will do whatever you want with it, whether this means deleting or quarantining it. It often updates its library of known viruses so that it can more effectively read your files. This growing library may mean that your computer runs slower, but its job is so imperative that you should never do what some users do and turn off the antivirus. A better option is to either upgrade your processor or add more RAM.

Why Malware is so Dangerous

Malware is a virus that infects your computer in order to retrieve personal information they can use to steal your identity or some other personally harmful thing like steal the money from your bank account or acquire information for blackmail. In order to do this, the malware hacker will seek to deceive you in some way in order to get you to inadvertently download it. The trojan attached to the file or document you have downloaded contains a keylogger that reports everything back to the attacker. Eventually, you will not be able to use the computer at all. When this happens the hacker has achieved full control and is presently using the computer. Particularly dangerous are serious hackers who have a vendetta against a website or network. There are ways for them to take down the functionality of these things through the use of malware.

Choosing The Right Antivirus Software

Realizing that you do need antivirus software is the easy part. It is much less so to know which antivirus software you should get. It may be tempting to go in for a free antivirus software. While there are some pretty good free versions out there, they all lack some of the more advanced settings of the paid versions. The paid versions are always girded with the very latest cutting-edge virus detection technology and will catch things that free versions miss. The best hackers target these free versions and know which viruses they will miss. They do this by first running it through their own copy of a free version to make sure it is ready to go public. And you are still a prospective victim even if you have a personal policy not to click any strange links. The hackers can disguise it so that it doesn’t look “strange.” That is, they can hack the account of someone you know and trust and send you the link through their account. And if you do get infected, it may only be caught in time if you have a good antivirus software installed. So do yourself and everyone in your home or business a huge favor and invest in this much needed tool today.